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[3DS CFW] Custom Firmware TUTORIAL in ENGLISH

Installing Palantine's 3DS CFW

Massive thanks goes to piratesephiroth from GBAtemp for, creating the .bat file, writing the guide, and Craze E 1 from 3DSISO for formatting it.

This CFW will allow you to install games and apps on your 3DS.


- A 3DS on firmware 4.x
- A card reader
- A FAT32 formatted SD card/SD adapter for microSD (for the 3DS)
- A compatible DS flashcart
- A computer with Windows Vista/7/8 (ctrclient is compiled in VS2012 with no support for Windows XP)

- the .bat file: Download
- EmunandTool: Download
- Gateway's installation files: Download
- Palantine's CFW files: Download

- DevMenu_2x.cia: Download (you can use any DevMenu version you want)

Click on the DOWNLOAD button to see the tutorial.


1. Have your 3DS WIFI connections configured properly (not really required, it's just to save time).

2. Copy Launcher.dat from the folder GW_OMEGA to your 3DS's big SD card. Insert that SD into your 3DS.

3. Transfer GW_INSTALLER.NDS to your flashcart's microSD's and run it on your 3DS.

Press A to close the installer will close after it's finished. Press HOME to go back to the home menu after it closes.

Important: this will install the ROP Loader into the 3DS. If you run any DS game it will be removed and you'll have to run GW_INSTALLER.NDS again.

4. Go to System Settings > Profile > Nintendo DS Profile. You'll get into Gateway menu.

5. Select 'Format EMUNAND'. Confirm and wait until it's finished. (the SD card will be formatted)

6. Shut down the 3DS, plug the SD card it into your PC's card reader.

7. Use EmunandTool to and hit 'Extract emuNAND' to save it to your computer.

8. Drag the resultant emuNAND.bin into the bat file 'drag_emunand_here.bat'. A file named REDNAND.bin will be generated when it's finished.

9. Use EmunandTool, select 'Inject NAND to emuNAND' and navigate to where your REDNAND.bin is.

(it will tell you NAND.bin doesn't exist every time you open a folder... just ignore it). Wait until it's finished. It injects the file into a hidden partition so you see the file anywhere on the SD.

10. Now get the CFW files. Copy everything that's in the 'SD Card' folder from the 'Palantine CFW' pack, to the root of the SD card. Delete Launcher.dat and rename Launcher_GW.dat to Launcher.dat

11. Insert the SD card back in the 3DS. Let it create the 'software management information'.

12. Take the SD out of the 3DS and back into the PC's card reader. Go to the newly created 'Nintendo 3DS' folder and into the subfolders inside it.

Their names are a bunch of gibberish so let's call the first one ID1, and inside it there's an ID2 folder with a 'extdata' folder inside. You have to create another folder inside ID2, called 'dbs'. And inside this new folder you add a file called title.db or import.db.

(Remember you may need to disable the option 'Hide extensions for known file types' in Windows Explorer's folder options so you can create them)

Like this:

Click on the imagem if too small.

Plug it back into the 3DS, go to System Settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Software.
It will tell you the management information is corrupted and ask you to reset it. Confirm it.

Now to get into the CFW, go to System Settings > Profile > Nintendo DS Profile. It's unstable right now and won't successfully boot everytime. You know it works when the screen flashes white for a brief moment. If it stays black then you have to power off the 3DS and try again.

Installing DevMenu:

To install CIA files using the windows tools, you need to hold down the 'L' button while you select 'Nintendo DS Profile'.

Now you're gonna use the other files in the CFW archive.

You have to edit the file 'run.bat'. It comes like this:

Change IPTOMODIFY to your 3DS's IP address.
For example, mine is So my file must be:

To find your 3DS's IP address you can either check your router or use Wireless Network Watcher.

A successful instalation will look like this:

Result-code: 0 means all went fine.

  • If you get anything else, it's because you didn't create the files in the dbs folder;
  • If you get 'failed to connect', turn wifi off and on again on the 3DS, then try again;
  • If you're always getting 'failed to connect' and the 3DS is crashing by itself, open the web browser as soon as the CFW starts and let it load a website.

If it installed fine, press the power button and then press HOME to reload the home menu.
You'll see a new gift there.

Once you have DevMenu installed, you can start the CFW in regular mode (don't hold L) and install your games and apps in CIAs format from the SD card. Just open the DevMenu and install them from the second tab!